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About us

PONTEM Ltd. is one of the biggest and leading businesses dealing with wholesale of food products and catering services. It has been operating for 20 years, so it takes pride in deep tradition and long-term experience.

Our wholesale division serves more than 700 clients (companies and organizations) throughout Lithuania; over 900 outlets are supplied with food all across the country. We distribute world-renowned brands in Lithuania and other Baltic States.

Today we supply over 100 catering departments with food – those are hospitals and the major companies of the country – which makes up to over 13.000 visitors a day. We have invaluable experience in serving personal celebrations to small groups of people, coffee breaks as well as large international protocol banquets. We organize catering services for aircrafts for more than several years now. We successfully feed passengers and aircraft crews. 

The consistently growing annual turnover reflects the successful company’s activity.

The growth of annual turnover since 2011 (Eur)


There are over 770 professionals making sure that everything runs smoothly in every Lithuanian department – more than 650 of them are directly involved in food service industry.

The growth of company's employees since 2011

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Contacts in Vilnius: Phone (8-5) 272 72 28, Fax (8-5) 272 77 07
E-mail: info@pontem.lt