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Through many years of operation we have grown and developed. The first documents of company’s business refer to post-war period. Documents of Vilnius city wholesale catering base since 1946 are preserved. Back then in the capital there was only one base of the kind – „Rūta”. Then to transport goods horse wagons were used, later motorcycles, cars… This was the only company in the city supplying the goods to budget institutions, which used to settle accounts by other means than cash. 

With growth of Vilnius increased the number of customers as well as turnover. On the basis of „Rūta” base in 1968 Smulkus urmas store was opened, which in 1976 moved to specially build premises in Žvėrynas, Ukmergės 126. Here the office of the company locates and today. The store was established with a view to supply nurseries, hospitals, Pioneer camps and other institutions and organizations with foodstuffs. 

In 1990 changed the status of the company: „Smulkus urmas” store was registered as a public institution Smulkus urmas. In 1992 after Joint Stock Company „Smulkus urmas” was registered. 

In 1996 looking for development of synergetic activities the company started development of catering services. The first catering object – a café – was opened on the current territory of Joint Stock Company „Smulkus urmas”. Here it operates till today. Main visitors as before are employees of the company and neighboring institutions, local citizens. 

In 2001 the company won its first tender of public catering – an open contest held by Vilnius city ward to organize catering for socially supported citizens. 

In 2008 the company created and introduced to the market catering trademark „Myls”, which united all company provided catering services under one trademark.

On the 1st of January of 2013 JSC "Smulkus urmas" changed it's name to PONTEM ltd.


Contacts in Vilnius: Phone (8-5) 272 72 28, Fax (8-5) 272 77 07
E-mail: info@pontem.lt