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Aircraft catering

We organize catering in aircrafts. Our clients include passengers and staff of airlines and private aircrafts. In order to take care of passengers we created “Myls aero”.

Professional equipment of recognized European manufacturers, modern technological processes and experienced skilled team allows us to serve passengers during the flight, producing even a few thousand sets of food every day. We have experience and we can offer you high-quality, flexible and optimum service.

Why choose us

  • Save time and money. By entrusting us with catering you save money and time you would spend on the management and administration of catering services.
  • Flexibility. We work flexibly and solve our clients’ needs efficiently; we take active interest in the needs of passengers during the flight and offer a wide range of food products.
  • Food quality. We continually invest in new technology to keep food quality and freshness even in several kilometres’ height.
  • Special menu. When the food is not included in the ticket price, we offer a menu to order from. We have an option to order food before flight, when purchasing tickets. So, the clients have a chance to order more refined dishes and be sure that they get them during flight.

Our Clients

Our clients are thousands of meters above the ground; they’re passengers and staff of airlines and private aircrafts. Today we provide catering services to in aircrafts of these companies:

  • “Small Planet Airlines”.
  • “Wizzair”.
  • “Classic Jet”.

Contact us for more information

Justinas Žukauskas

Tel. +370 694 86 602

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