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Catering services of medical establishments

We render catering services for patients and staff of hospitals and health care institutions all over Lithuania. Medical institutions, entrusting us with their patient catering, can pay all their attention to their patients.

Health is the best wealth. Therefore we ensure top quality of the dishes when rendering catering services in hospitals. Caring for patients’ health we give preference to organic products, introduce technological innovations to serve cooked meal properly. To ensure nutrient-enriched and balanced diet of patients we take into consideration the health status of patients, the diet prescribed by the doctor and other important conditions.

Primary attention in organization of catering of patients is paid to food safety: raw materials, safe manufacturing process, proper serving to a patient. We have collected very valuable experience in organization of a healthy diet. Our menus compiled for medical and health care institutions comply with healthy nutrition and dietary treatment requirements. 

Why choose us

  • Experience. Extensive experience which provides opportunity to discover the best solutions for each situation.
  • Investments. We invest in renewal of production facilities and technological equipment.
  • The price. We ourselves supply the foodstuffs and ourselves render the catering service, this enables us to suggest a very favorable price to a client.
  • Organic catering. We have certificate from “Ekoagros” admitting to provide organic food.

Our clients - treatment institutions of the country

  • Santariškės Clinics of Vilnius University Hospital
  • Vilnius University Emergency Hospital
  • Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders

  • Kėdainiai, Kuršėnai, Raseiniai hospitals
  • Šiauliai Hospital

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Contacts in Vilnius: Phone (8-5) 272 72 28, Fax (8-5) 272 77 07
E-mail: info@pontem.lt