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Invitation for students to contribute to the menu of the school cafeteria


Although healthy diet is promoted in school cafeterias, a belief exists that healthy food is not delicious. Sugar- and salt-rich snacks and soft drinks, potato chips, various sweets are preferred during breaks instead of going to the cafeteria. In order to disprove the aforementioned belief and habits, healthy cooking contest is announced for schoolchildren.

Contest “School kitchen Brotherhood” invites students, who are not partial to cooking, to join forces and prove their classmates and cafeteria ladies that they can cook the tastiest healthy meal which will not leave anyone cold.

Students are encouraged to get inspiration of healthy cooking recipes at home – this is the place where the most original and authentic recipes are born. Meanwhile, healthy products, which are the basis of a healthy diet, are definitely not tasteless and it is recommended to eat them daily in certain amounts. These products are bread and grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, milk and dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and other.

Students, who are willing to share their original recipes are encouraged to form teams with teachers and parents and cook healthy, tasty meals, which would complement the menu of the school cafeteria, and win tablets. If the companies in charge of the cafeteria management do not object, it is be possible to use cooking facilities and equipment in the cafeterias. Otherwise it is allowed to cook at home.

Twelve winners will be presented with tablets and their recipes will be added to the cafeteria menu.

The main aim of the educational contest “School kitchen Brotherhood”, which is initiated by the food supply company “Pontem”, is to promote healthy eating habits  from the first grade. And the daily routine is especially favorable for developing healthy nutrition habits. Students are invited to join the website https://www.facebook.com/mokyklosvirtuvesbrolija and register the team at konkursai@pontem.lt. The registration is now open.

Every team has to consist of at least 1 teacher, 1 parent representative and 3 students. The teams will compete in three age groups: 1-4 grade, 5-8 grade and 9-12 grade. Registration for the teams is open from 24 November 2014 until 14 December 2014 at konkursai@pontem.lt

We kindly ask you to provide the following information for the registration: the exact number of teachers, parents and students in the team (indicating the grade the students are in) and the name and the address of the school the team is representing.

The winners of the contest will be announced on 23 December 2014. The winners will be contacted personally. Submitted recipes will be judged according to the given criteria by a jury formed by the contest initiator “Pontem”.


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