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Lithuanian passengers choose different food than foreigners


Height, pressure and dehydration’s effect on food are to be taken into account while travelling by air. Not only food's taste and nutritional qualities change, human organ of sense is affected too. Our research shows that during flights Lithuanians choose different food than foreigners.

Food tastes different high in the air: some products sustain their qualities and taste, others – not. For example, tomato juice is the most radical taste-changer and is very popular among passengers.

 “In aircrafts we should deliver such food which is best suited to changes in pressure and other conditions of the flight to an altitude of 10 kilometres. Therefore, the taste of food is tested in the air, in order to check whether the product is suitable for palatability,” said Audronė Tendzegolskienė, the Director General of PONTEM, Ltd., a company providing catering for Lithuanian and international airlines. According to her, the food and beverage consumption in airplanes are highly dependent on seasonality. It may also be noted that habits of Lithuanian and foreign passengers differ.

 For example, during summers passengers choose more sandwiches, water, juices, while in winters – more hot meals and drinks. Chicken and pork dishes are more popular than beef dishes because their taste is less affected by pressure and constant reheating. Tourists from Western countries and Lithuanian passengers differ as well: while Lithuanians prefer tomato juice, the westerners prioritize orange and apple juices and order tomato juice rarely. Lithuanians love fresh brewed coffee, while foreigners order instant coffee or a cappuccino. We also notice that Lithuanians like more filling food, while tourists order salads and other easily digestible food.

 “Our sense of taste gets number with increasing altitude. This is caused by low humidity and high atmospheric pressure. In order to maintain proper food taste at great heights, we need to make it spicier so that passengers would feel the taste. To prepare the dishes for consumption at 10 kilometre height we need lots of testing and special equipment. Therefore, we constantly invest in new technologies to keep the food fresh and of good quality,” revealed Audronė Tendzegolskienė, the Director General of PONTEM, Ltd.

 Food eaten before the flight may also cause unpleasant sensations in the airplane. That is why we highly recommend avoiding heavy food. Fast foods in general are useless for our bodies. Food, which is high in salt and fat, is more difficult to digest, especially when a person is at high altitude.

 Audronė Tendzegolskienė gives advice to tourists: eat easily digestible food. This could be different grains, vegetables, fruits, which are high in fibre and useful for digestive tract. “During the flight, it is advisable to drink plenty of water. It's the only way to counteract dehydration,” said Audronė Tendzegolskienė, the Director General of PONTEM, Ltd., a company providing catering for Lithuanian and international airlines.

 PONTEM, Ltd. provides catering for Hungarian “Wizz Air”, Turkish “Turkish Airlines”, Lithuanian “Air Lituanica” and “Small Planet” which operates charter flights to Turkey, Egypt and other resorts.


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