Quality phone number: 8-800 10014

Wholesale Trade

PONTEM Ltd. is one of the biggest businesses in the country dealing with wholesale trade of food products and household goods.

We work with more than 200 companies from all over Lithuania and abroad. We raise very high standards to our potential partners – we only cooperate with those who are able to guarantee and take responsibility for the quality of supplied goods, their timely delivery. Our partners vary from farmers to manufacturing companies of all sizes as well as international companies that represent world-renowned brands.

We work in Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Russian and etc market. Our clients include public and private companies, institutions and organizations. We develop trade relationships with individual retail outlets, small cafes and even large retail networks.

Today we sell goods from these categories

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy products.
  • Bread and bakery products.
  • Meat, fish and their products.
  • Grocery goods.
  • Household chemicals and detergents.
  • Office equipment.

Why choose us

  • Wide range of products. Customers can choose from a list of more than 5000 items.
  • Warehouses and logistics. We have our own warehouses and logistics, so we respond to customer needs immediately.
  • Reliability and experience. We have been in this business since 1946, we have very strong and time-tested relations with both the suppliers and the customers. We represent brands known in Lithuania and worldwide and work with more than 200 suppliers.
  • Attractive prices. Getting the goods directly from manufacturers lets us offer competitive prices.
  • Maintenance and quality. In order to ensure the highest quality of services we have implemented four quality management standards accepted at international level (the ISO).

We are open for Lithuanian and foreign producers

  • If you want to sell, please call the purchasing department by phone +370 5 272 72 28.
  • If you want to purchase, please call the customer service subdivision by phone +370 5 275 22 71.

Our main sectors of activity

  • Retail networks
  • Manufacturing companies
  • HoReCa
  • Offices
  • State institutions of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Municipal administrations
  • Health care institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • State organizations and companies

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Contacts in Vilnius: Phone (8-5) 272 72 28, Fax (8-5) 272 77 07
E-mail: info@pontem.lt