Quality phone number: 8-800 10014

Warehouses and transport

One of the most important logistics functions of a company working in food products sector is quality control during warehousing and transportation of goods. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to adherence to proper technical and material specifications of storage of goods. We strictly observe the requirements and procedures of hygiene norms regulating these conditions.

We store quickly perishable goods, yet we guarantee proper temperature, humidity, pressure and all other required storage conditions, which may be ensured only in specific properly equipped warehouses. We constantly maintain an optimum balance of goods in stock; a reserve can satisfy the unexpectedly increased demand so the client never has troubles because of shortages.

Main warehouses of the company are located at the address Meistrų g. 10 in Vilnius. Every morning several thousand products travel to our clients to different cities from here. For that we need more than 40 trucks and buses.

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Contacts in Vilnius: Phone (8-5) 272 72 28, Fax (8-5) 272 77 07
E-mail: info@pontem.lt